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Lincoln Electricí»s VRTEX® 360 Compact

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Lincoln Electricí»s VRTEX® 360 Compact Virtual Reality Welding Simulators EDUCATION/TECHNICAL/TRAINING SCHOOLS
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Brand: Lincoln Electric 
Model: VRTEX 360 Compact Single
Vision Technology Virtual Reality
Power Supply 115-230VAC
Regulations CE, CSA, RCM, EAC
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Software: Lifetime, Free Upgrade Version 
Machine come with:
  1. Retractable SMAW stick stinger, GMAW/FCAW gun and GTAW TIG torch, filler metal and adaptive foot pedal devices.
  2. Oxy fuel cutting features (Optional)
  3. Multiple virtual environments
  4. 3 screens are simultaneously viewable for the audience during welding: helmet view, scoring screen, instructor view.
  5. Include Welding Standards, Measurement, Safety, Principles of Welding Mode features Students to do welding. 
  6. Multiple Base metals - Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  7. Multiple Welding process
    • GMAW (Short Arc, Axial Spray and Pulse)
    • FCAW (Gas-Shielded, Self-Shielded)
    • SMAW (E6010, E6013 and E7018)
    • GTAW (with and without filler metal)
  8. Multiple Filler material  : E6013, E7018, E6010, ER70S-6, E71-1, E71-8, ER308LSi, ER4043
  9. Multiple Welding techniques and Advance Welding Wave form
        GMAW – STT (Approved Process in Malaysian Pipeline), GMAW – Pulse for Pipe, GMAW – Spray, GMAW – Pulse, FCAW-S
  10. Multiple Transfer types
  11. Welding Position: All positions 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G
  12. Multiple Coupon (test specimen type) Practice Plate, Pad, Lap Joint, Tee Joint, Groove 3/8 in. (9.5 mm), Groove on 2 in. XXS Pipe (50 mm),     Groove on 6 in. Sch 40 Pipe (150 mm), Pipe on Plate
  13. Multi-pass Welds 
  14. Discontinuities shown in the weld and scoring.
  15. Instant feedback on travel speed, work angle, travel angle contact tip to work distance/arc length and aim.
  16. GTAW scoring additions: dip frequency, filler movement.
  17. Weave scoring additions: weave timing, weave spacing, and weave width.
  18. E6010 electrode scoring additions: whip timing, dime spacing, and puddle time.
  19. Virtual Bend Test with certification, Simulates welding certification test
  20. Removable VR Headset Feature
  21. Welding WPS book - training curriculums, modules & manuals.  
  22. Included on USB with below soft copy book
    • K3205-1 First Edition-SMAW Welding Training Curriculum
    • K3206-1 First Edition-GMAW/FCAW Welding Training Curriculum
    • K4057-1 VRTEX Project Based Lesson 1-Student Workbook
    • K4057-2 VRTEX Project Based Lesson 1-Instructor Guide
  • Realistic puddle and actual welding sound helps welders learn to respond and adjust welding technique.
  • Simulates sparks, slag, grinding and weld cooling.
  • Welding discontinuities appear when improper welding technique is used.
  • Virtual bend test provides results instantly and reveals what causes a weld to pass or fail.
  • Demos of successful welds.
  • Replicates proper machine set-up using a Welding Procedure Specification. Students must select gas type, process, gas flow, amperage/voltage and wire-feed speed in the system.
  • Tracks and scores key weld parameters including work angle, travel angle, travel speed, distance and position.
Vrtex 360 with the package it come from USA including
  • Able to Link to U/LINC pre-built curriculum
  • Vrtex 360 Power Source CPU
  • 22'' Custom Touchscreen Monitor
  • VR Headset
  • VR Welding Devices
    • GMAW / FCAW - MIG wire welding gun
    • SMAW - Retractable stick stinger GTAW
    • TIG torch and filler with adaptive foot pedal
    • 7 different Welding Coupons
  • Adjustable Welding Pole for welding positions 0, 45-90 Degree Adjustable Table Clamp
  • Curriculum on a USB:
    • K3205-1 First Edition - SMAW Welding Training Curriculum
    • K3206-1 First Edition - GMAW/FCAW
    • Welding Training Curriculum
    • K4057-1 VRTEX  Project Based Lesson 1 Student Workbook
    • K4057-2 VRTEX Project Based Lesson 1 Instructor Guide
  • Welding Procedure Specification Book for proper machine setup Parameter
  • Machine Manual book
  • Pen Drive
  • Hand Glove
  • T Shirt
  • Glass
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