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ACECUT Laser series is a pre-engineering ber laser cutting machines which power ranges from 1.5KW-15KW, can be applied to multiple applications, and meet various manufacturing demands with the rich experience we accumulated in the cutting industry and feedback from clients around the world, the upgraded ACECUT LASER series are easier to use, more intelligent, safer, and more competitive in the market. ACECUT Laser series

Benefits »
» High speed, high eciency, high strength. Improved material application and processing
» Quick responsiveness, high precision, high performance, easy operation
» Environmental friendly with few fume. High eciency of material setting leads to lower cost of operation
» Self-alignment, automatic focus, frog jump, progressive and instant piercing
» Remote diagnostics and technical support via WIFI
» Design and application to higher environment and safety standards
» Advanced cuttng expertise for better cutting quality
» Dedicated to persistent R&D of cutting process, leading innovation and development of cutting industry