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Lincoln Energy is in the business of Welding & Cutting equipment distribution, welding consumables, and repair services of related welding equipment.

The history of Lincoln Energy is best known for its ability to provide quality, reliable service and price advantages to all metal related business segments and welding processes. Our versatile technical capabilities enable us to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of welding and cutting industries.

We work closely and understand customer needs and issues to offer our technical knowledge, experience and services that meet international welding industry standards. Further cost reduction is the result in significant labor cost saving by purchasing quality product at a reasonable price and our capability to recommend the optimum process and productivity improvement to assist customers in making the right decision in the selection of welding & cutting machine, welding & torch consumables and automated systems is only matched with our best prices.

Our customer service policy gives personalized attention to each of our customers that offers great support services such as on time delivery with our inhouse logistics app, on field repair, technical consultation, material requisition, machine demo, welding automated system, organizing WPS, WOP, third party independent test report, organizing seminar, welding training are just part of our services offered.

We focus on different needs for each industry segment such as:



This segment is focused on fabrication of heavy machinery and equipment, tractors, wheel loaders, drag liners, rail cars and farm machinery. All application in this segment commonly have thick walls and heavily relies on FCAW, Pulsed GMAW, SAW, Hard Automation and Robotics.
We support this segment with high amperage (300A to 1500A) heavy duty reliable machines to many major heavy fabricators. To date we have supplied this segment with hundreds of machines. Other than welding machines, automated welding system alongside CNC gas and plasma plate and pipe cutting machine, CNC Drilling machine, customized welding automated system, Column & Boom etc.


Focused on all customers and applications related to all construction and support industries of platforms and vessels for the exploration and production of Oil and Gas or known as ‘Offshore”. These applications is known for thick wall sections and will use extensive tubular structures with specific mechanical requirements that involve welding processes like FCAW, SAW as well as SMAW.
The welding consumables for this industry are mild steels, high strength low alloy steels, High temperature and low temperature steel, super austenitic stainless steels, duplex and super duplex stainless steels as well as for nickel base, copper base, nickel and low alloys. 


This segment is predominantly concerned with the welding of pipes for the transportation of water, gas and various hydrocarbon liquids. There are also a significant amount of field installation that requires semiautomatic welding.
FCAW, STT patented and SMAW welding process are common processes in this segment. Pipe installation companies uses an extensive range of welding consumables such as cellulosic and vertical down electrodes, solid and flux cored wires, Submerged Arc wire and flux for the semi and fully automatic welding processes in the pipe manufacturers are used. Heavy duty and high amperage output machines from Lincoln Electric like DC1000, Powerwave AC/DC and Lincoln STT process can enhance the production speed and efficiency, where by the machine can be equipped with Production Monitor software patented by Lincoln Electric make it simple for both operators and plant management to monitor the welding parameter with tracking record in cloud storage or into computer hard disc. Field installation require portable yet durable engine welders like Lincoln Electric welders equip with well known Deutz 912L air cool engine manufactured in Germany are famous for durability with minimum maintenance.

Structural Steel

Primarily focused on fabrication and erection of metal structures, buildings and bridges. Main welding processes employed are SAW, FCAW and SMAW.
Today automated welding systems play a big role which offer four main advantages: improved weld quality, increased output, decreased scrap and decreased variable labour costs. Number of customised automated welding system had been designed to speed up the production time especially in welding, cutting and drilling. Apart from this, the manual heavy-duty machine is also widely used by this segment.


Ships, Barges and OSV ‘Offshore supply vessels with applications like SAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW are used extensively from fabrication of hull to the interior parts of the ship.Hard and semi automation play a main role in these industries where different third-party approvals are required in different countries where the ships, barges and offshore supply vessels are built for. Lincoln Electric with consumables made globally answer these needs.

Power Generation/Process Segment

Conversion of hydrocarbon products and power generating stations are the main focus in this segment of business that typically deal with heavy wall thickness to high pressure vessels using high strength steels to exotic metals like specialty alloys eg: stainless and duplex material all welded with major welding processes , here our partner Lincoln Electric products play a major role both with their reputation, history and accredited with independent welding industry standards.

Education and Training

The Educational and Training Services Industry is composed of establishments that provide instruction and training on a wide variety of subjects. These institutions, including schools, colleges, universities and training centers, are either privately or publicly owned. Where welding education training is concerned Lincoln Energy offers thru Lincoln Electric our partner multiple choices from virtual reality to practical welding package system that consist of machines, consumables, PPE, fume extractors, welding stands, video recording and welding curtains that package into what is required in a welding bay exclusively for welding education and training purposes. Our virtual reality training equipment ‘VRTEX’ together with ‘ULinc’ welding curriculum courses certified by AWS are unmatched in today welding education training standards.

Maintenance and Repair

Wear, corrosion and abrasion is the main challenges faced in the maintenance and repair segment in industries like mining, agriculture pulp and paper and petro chemical. Hardfacing products we offer can help repair damage and extend the service life of your equipment.

General Engineering

This segment aims at all other related mid and light general engineering industries. Lincoln Energy serve this segment with cost effective and value for budget conscious customers.
As GMAW and SMAW process machine been most popular in this segment. We offer a choice between Lincoln Electric and Weldone which is our group company brand which is proven in the market for more than 15 years, Together with Lincoln and Weldone consumables they formed a welding package that offer to the light and medium industries with good quality, weldability yet with good prices that are able to meet your budget. 

Dealership / Retailers

Lincoln Energy together with TTMC Welding Supplies KL in TTMC group of companies have 48 channels of dealers and retailers in the whole of West and East Malaysia distributing and supporting Lincoln Electric China machines and consumables, Weldone welding machines, welding torches consumable parts, welding chemical, other china consumable, abrasive product and welding accessories. This segment is ever growing where we will bring our services and products closer to you.

Sales, Repairs, Rentals and Services

We specialize in Sales, Repair, Rental and Services of all welding machine and related equipment
  • Welding & cutting Machine, Torches Accessories, Chemicals and Related Spare Parts.
  • Welding consumables from Lincoln Electric (USA) and currently supplier to major fabricators, Ship builder, Construction, Engineering, and Dealers.
  • Material : Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and other special Materials for Welding  Electrode, MIG Wire, Flux core wire, TIG rods,SAW wire and flux.
  • Silver blazing Alloy, Fluxes, Abrasive, Buffing and Polishing products.
  • CNC Profile cutting Machine, Plasma welding cutting machines, CNC drilling, Cutting system, Robotic welding & cutting equipment and system.
  • Rotator and Manipulator
  • Rental of welding machine and provided labor services.

We are the distributor and stockiest for:

Lincoln Electric (USA), Lincoln Electric (Europe), Lincoln Electric (China), OTC Daihen (JAPAN) , Feat Craft (Malaysia), Hypertherm (USA), Messer (Germany), AMG (Taiwan), Kiswel (Korea), Weldone (Malaysia),  Nabakem (Korea), Ceramic Backing CBS (Korea)