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Easyarc 7016 Welding Electrodes

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Easyarc 7016 Welding Electrodes Lincoln Electric MMA STICK WELDING ELECTRODES (SMAW) WELDING CONSUMABLES
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AWS A5.1 E7016
Diameter × Length (mm) 2.5 × 350, 3.2 × 350, 
4.0 × 400, 5.0 × 400
Package 20kg/Carton

EASYARC™ 7016 is a low-hydrogen type electrode for all-position welding of mild and low alloy steels. The easily controlled arc of EASYARC™ 7016 makes it easy to use on either AC or DC polarity. EASYARC™ 7016 offers excellent mechanical properties and crack resistance. It is also easy to strike and restrike.

  • High deposition rates
  • Easy slag removal
  • Excellent crack resistance and X-ray performance
  • Flat or slightly convex beads have distinct ripples with little spatter
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO9001 requirements
  • Available in PERMAPACK™ (Vacuum Sealed)

All controlled hydrogen electrodes will perform optimally when they are dry. Unopened Lincoln PERMAPACK's provide excellent protection against moisture pick-up in good storage conditions. Should re-drying be necessary, remove electrodes from the packet / container and spread thinly and evenly on racks in a ventilated oven. For electrodes that have had a short or mild exposure to the atmosphere then re-drying at 572°F(300°C) for 1 hour will be sufficient. For electrodes that have been exposed to longer or more aggressive conditions or for critical work re-drying at 572-662°F (300- 350°C) for 1-2 hours is recommended. After re-drying electrodes should be stored in a hot box.

CCS: 3YH10
LR: 3m 3Ym H15

Deposit Composition

Requirements AWS E7016 (%) Max. %C %Mn %Si %S %P
0.15 1.60 0.75 0.035 0.035
Typicle Values(%) <0.08 1.00-1.20 0.30-0.45 <0.020 <0.025

Typical Application

EASYARC™ 7016 is a multi-purpose electrode with excellent operator appeal. EASYARC™ 7016 can be used for general construction welding applications such as bridges, buildings, ship building and pressure vessels. EASYARC™ 7016 can also be used for the construction or repair of earth moving or farm equipment. EASYARC™ 7016 is excellent for the welding of medium carbon steel, low alloy, and thick plate such as (ASTM A131) Grade A, B, D and E ship plates.


AWS/ASME A5.1/SFA5.1 E7016

Guidelines for Use
  • All water, rust and oil should be completely removed from base material to prevent cracking and blowholes.
  • For improved impact properties, avoid use of excessive amperage levels.
  • Backstep method should be applied to prevent blowholes and pits during arc start.
  • Arc length should be kept as short as possible during welding.
  • If weaving is required, the width should not exceed 3x the diameter of the electrode.
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